Hello Agents!  

I'm glad you're here!  If you're reading this you have probably already completed the first two types of missions, as described in "The Circle of Influence" post.  Mission 1 was a SELF mission, mission 2 was a FAMILY mission, and now you have arrived at mission 3- a COMMUNITY mission.  Well done agent!  I'm proud of you!  Keep up the great work!  Don't forget, you can always repeat mission categories or stay in one category and complete several missions before moving on.  

Arriving at the COMMUNITY mission means you're going to start moving out of your own little world and into your next closest surrounding of people you spend time with.  What is a community?  Community can have a few meanings- one definition is an area that you live in/around.  But for the case of these missions, I'd like for you to think of it as the circle of people you know well and spend a significant amount of time with.  This might be the community you have at your school (teachers, classmates, friends, administrators, staff), this may be community you have at church (other families, teachers, friends, leaders, staff, etc.), this could be another group or organization that you are involved in (sports, scouting groups, clubs, or other extra curricular programs).  

As you begin to serve others in the next set of missions you'll need to start thinking about others.  Become an observer watching for ways to help and serve.  Use your eyes to watch for things to do- does someone you know need help with a skill you have?  Open your ears and start to listen as others talk.  As you listen, take note when you hear a need and think about how you (or maybe even someone in your family) might be able to meet a need for those around you.  Take notes as you observe so that you can remember the needs you are seeing and hearing about.  Brainstorm and gather your ideas on ways to help or serve.  Talk to your Senior Agents about your ideas and see if they have ideas, input, or additions.  As you move out in the Circles of Influence you might even want to see if you can work on your missions with a team of Junior Agents.  

Community Mission: 

  • Journal for a week about the things you have observed in your community.  
  • After you've made your observations review them with your Senior Agent and brainstorm on ideas you have to serve.   Set goals for how you are going to work on them.  You can find printable calendars and other resources to help you organize your missions here.   
  • Use the journal you worked on for your SELF mission about the things you are good at and think about how you might be able to use those strengths to accomplish COMMUNITY missions.  How can you continue to improve upon those strengths?    
  • Set aside intentional times to think and plan.  
  • Pray- Nicholas did this a lot.  A lot of times there are things in this world that are too big for us.  But nothing is too big for God.  Praying is just talking to God, don't be afraid, God loves YOU and wants to hear from you.  But God doesn't just want to hear about the things that are too big for you, He wants you to tell Him about all of it.  
  • Ask your Senior Agent for ideas and if there are other Junior Agents you can work with.  
  • Check out the TST New Network where we will be posting encouraging news, updates, and stories of fellow TST Agents making a difference in the world.  
  • Ask your Senior Agent if you can use the Contact Page on this website to share a story of a mission you have completed.  Stories that are shared may be used on TST Agency Network or our blog to encourage other TST Agents like you.   

These are a few simple ways to start a COMMUNITY Mission.  Once you've completed a COMMUNITY Mission you can move on to a CITY Mission or you can complete a few COMMUNITY Missions before moving on- it's up to you.  As we move out in the circles of influence, always make sure your Senior Agent signs off on any missions you do with their approval.  Great work today agents!  

On a Mission, 
C.C. Bloom

Do you have any other ideas?  We would love to hear them!  Send them to us at: TheTopSecretTruth@gmail.com.  Tell us your idea, agent name, age, and where you're from (optional) for the opportunity to have your idea featured on our TST Agency YouTube Channel or here on our blog!