Hello Agents!   

I'm glad you're here!  Today we are going to talk about the second level of missions: FAMILY.  Working on family missions is one of the most important steps you can take as a TST Agent because it has the possibility to begin changing your family and pulling you together.  As these family missions draw you closer there is an added benefit that could possibly bloom out of this, and that's the chance that your family becomes your own special operations team that helps you complete missions.  

All of our families are different from one another and that means we have different strengths and weaknesses.  If you completed a SELF mission, you may have started to realize that you have some very special strengthens that you can use.  Well guess what, the people in your family probably have some other strengths that they can add to your team.  So blessing your family with a family mission just might help them want to join you in completing upcoming missions together as a team, and this will be so helpful as you continue through the mission ranks.  Think of the missions you might be able to accomplish with your whole family on your team!  

For this mission I want you to focus on doing something that specifically helps your family.  Now, the Bloom family is also a foster family, and we know just how different each family can be- families come in all shapes and sizes.  In our family we have lots of people that don't necessarily share DNA, but that doesn't matter, in fact, we have seen what a gift it can be.  So look around at the group of people you are closest with, the people who've been placed in your life to be your family, and see what happens.  How can you serve them or do something that would help take a load off of someone in your family?  Brainstorm for a few minutes and see if you can come up with some ideas of your own.  If you need some ideas you can find them on our "Mission Ideas: Family Missions" post here.  We also have some resources for organizing missions here.