Mission: CITY

Hello Agents!  

I'm so glad you're here because your city needs you!  If you're reading this then you've most likely already completed the first "Circles of Influence" Missions: Self, Family, Neighborhood, and Community.   Now you're ready to move out another step to serve your CITY.  Well done!  Moving out to this next circle means you may be serving people or groups that you aren't familiar with.  Make sure you are going over all mission ideas with your Senior Agent and getting approval before implementing.  You can find printable MAPS (Mission Assignments Printables), calendars, and other resources here to help you get prepared for your next mission.

You might be wondering, "How could I possibly help my city?"  Well, there are lots of ways.  Let's think about the different things in your city and ways you might be able to help, serve, or show love to someone in town.  Most cities have a police and/or fire department, a city hall, and other community leaders working in and around your city.  Some cities have their own newspaper or magazine- if you start reading up on your own town in these publications, you might be able to start learning about the needs specific to your city/town.  What types of people live and work in your town?  Do you live in a busy urban area or are you in a more quiet rural area?  Is your town full of businesses and homes or are you in an area with more land between the houses or even farms?  What to know what types of people,  families, and workers are in your city?  Ask your Senior Agent questions about your town and insights on ways to help.  As you think about the different city leaders, community helpers, workers, and residents (farmers, police, firefighters, teachers, judges, store owners, restaurant owners, librarians, employees, etc.) start to brainstorm about ways you might be able to help or serve.  

Get your TST Agency journal or MAP and start brainstorming on ideas for a mission.  Check out our next blog with Mission IDEAS for your CITY.  Keep up the great work agents!  We at the TST Agency are very proud of you!  


On A Mission, 


C.C. Bloom


Do you have any other ideas?  We would love to hear them!  Send them to us at: TheTopSecretTruth@gmail.com.  Tell us your idea, agent name, age, and where you're from (optional) for the opportunity to have your idea featured on our blog or TST Agency YouTube Channel.