Mission Ideas: COMMUNITY

Hello Agents!  

If you've already read the "Circle of Influence" Mission: COMMUNITY blog post then here are some ideas for completing COMMUNITY missions.  You can find printable calendars and other resources to help you organize your missions here.

  • Help someone in your school/church community by: 
    • Asking your teacher if you can help pass out papers, clean something in the classroom, or do something helpful in class
    • Asking the principal/church leader if there is a project that you and your group of Junior Agents can do to help improve your campus, class, or outdoor area (this could be a clean-up day, a donation drive, or a project needed on campus)
    • Setting an example in the classroom of how to act, be respectful, be a leader
    • Taking extra care in the work you do.  Show your teacher (even if your teacher is your parent) that you take pride in your work
    • Writing a thank you note to your teacher
    • Writing a note of appreciation to a staff member (Does the Janitor do a great job of keeping the campus clean? Why not thank him/her for that and tell them why you are grateful.  Does the librarian have books you love?  Tell him/her about a favorite book you read and why you are thankful they work hard to keep the library up and running.  Is your parent/caregiver your teacher?  Tell them you appreciate all the time they take to invest in your learning.)
    • Making a card for a classmate/friend and tell them why you're glad they're your friend
    • Drawing a picture for someone and give it to them
    • Helping a classmate/friend with their homework after school or during a break
    • Helping a sibling with their homework after school or during a break.  
    •  Offering to take care of the class pet (be sure to ask your Senior Agent first for approval)
    • Bringing flowers, a favorite treat, or something special for a teacher or staff member (As you've been making observations have you noticed something they like?) 
  • Help others in your community by: 
    • Asking a coach or group leader if there is a way you can help 
    • Helping clean-up after a practice or meeting or arriving early to help set-up
    • Setting a good example for your teammates/peers by being a good listener, demonstrating respect, obeying the first time
    • Being willing to loan or give needed equipment, tools, materials  that might be needed by someone else (be sure to get permission from your Senior Agent first)
    • Bringing a letter, card, or drawing to your coach or group leader showing thanks for what they do
    • Bringing a special treat for a leader/coach or teammate/friend in your group
    • Loaning a group member or teammate something of yours that would be helpful to them (a baseball glove, your favorite book, a stuffed animal that makes you happy, a piece of clothing of yours that they like, etc. Make sure to get approval from your Senior Agent first.)
    • Asking your Senior Agent if you can help give a teammate/group member a ride home (maybe you've noticed that they have to walk or ride a bike to/from the meeting/practice)
    • Encourage your teammates or group members.  Cheer them on!  Get into the habit of looking for the good things that people do and point them out in an encouraging way.  
      • "Wow!  That was a great hit!," "You are REALLY good with that instrument.  You must practice a lot!,"  "Way to go _______!  Don't give up!  You're almost there!"  
    • Ask if there is a special project you/a group of Junior Agents can help with for your team/group.  

If you have questions about this, feel free to email Director C.C. Bloom at: thetopsecrettruth@gmail.com or talk to your Senior Agent about it.  

I'm proud of you!  Keep up the good work Junior Agent!  You are amazing!  


On A Misson, 


C.C. Bloom 

Do you have any other ideas?  We would love to hear them!  Send them to us at: TheTopSecretTruth@gmail.com.  Tell us your idea, agent name, age, and where you're from (optional) for the opportunity to have your idea featured on our TST Agency YouTube Channel or on our blog.