Mission Ideas: FAMILY Missions

Hello Agents!  

I'm glad you're here.  As explained in The Circle of Influence post, the second mission of a TST Agent is a FAMILY MISSION.  If you've read our MISSION: FAMILY post you know that your family might include people you are actually related to as well as people who are in your closest circle of influence.  The goal of a family mission is to serve someone directly in that closest family circle.  Here are some ideas for how you might do this anytime you do a Family Mission: 

  • Write a letter to a parent, grandparent, sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle, guardian, or care-giver telling them why you love them and what makes them special.  Can you come up with 5 or more reasons why you love them?  Can you come up with 5 or more reasons why they are special to you?     
  • Write a list of all of the things about your family that you are thankful for.  Can you come up with a list of at least 25 things?    
  • Ask one of your family members for a date!  Your date can be as simple as going on a walk together, watching a movie together, or maybe even going out together into your community for a meal or adventure.  But be intentional on your date to ask about your loved one, encourage them with things you love about them, and remind them why you are thankful for them.    
  • Pray- Nicholas did this a lot.  Pray with and for your family member.  Maybe they are going through a hard time or maybe they are excited about something.  the Bible says you can take all of your cares (and even worries) to God.  Praying is just talking to God and you can do this together with your loved one.    
  • Make a card, drawing, or craft for someone you love and give it to them.    
  • Call up a loved one that lives far away and tell them why you love them, why you miss them, and why they are special.  
  • Ask a family member if they need help with something and give them time to help.  Maybe you can complete an extra chore or chores, help a sibling with homework, help with cooking a meal, help with cleaning up after a meal, etc.    
  • Challenge yourself to have a great attitude when you're asked to help around your house.  See if your Senior Agent notices.   
  • Go on a walk with your Senior Agent and tell them 10 things you love about them and 5 things you are thankful for about them.   
  • Work hard on being extra kind and loving to your family.  Look for ways to say thank you.  Look for ways to help out.  Look for ways to be kind.  


These are a few simple ways to start a Family Mission.  Once you've completed a Family Mission you can move on to a Neighborhood Mission or you can complete a few Family Missions before moving on- it's up to you.  Great work today agents!  

On a Mission, 
C.C. Bloom

Do you have any other ideas?  We would love to hear them!  Send them to us at: TheTopSecretTruth@gmail.com.  Tell us your idea, agent name, age, and where you're from (optional) for the opportunity to have your idea featured on our TST Agency YouTube Channel.



  • Check out the TST New Network where we will be posting encouraging news, updates, and stories of fellow TST Agents making a difference in the world.  
  • Ask your Senior Agent if you can use the Contact Page on this website to share a story of a mission you have completed.  Stories that are shared may be used on TST Agency Network to encourage other TST Agents like you.