Mission Ideas: FAMILY Missions

Hello Agents!  

Below are some ideas for completing FAMILY Missions.  You can find printable calendars and other resources to help you organize your missions here.

  • Help an adult in your family by: 
    • Doing chores without being asked
    • Helping make a meal
    • Cleaning your room without being asked
    • Tidying a part of the house that everyone uses
    • Putting your things away without being asked
    • Making someone a card and tell them why you love them
    • Drawing them a picture that shows your favorite things about them
    • Helping out a sibling 
    • Listening the first time when they tell you something
    • Saying please and thank you every time you interact with them (Do you know that if you do this for 30 days it will become a habit?)
    • Writing a song about someone and sing it to them
    • Cleaning up the dishes after a meal
    • Taking extra special care of the family pet(s) without being asked and talking about how grateful you are to have a family pet
    • Showing you are grateful for the things you have by saying thank you and talking about why you appreciate things you have (including why you appreciate your family members)
    • Listening to their favorite music with them and have a dance party 


  • Help another child in your family by: 
    • Tutoring them or helping them with homework
    • Loaning them something of yours that would be helpful to them (a baseball glove, your favorite book, a stuffed animal that makes you happy, a piece of clothing of yours that they like, etc.)
    • Reading to them
    • Helping them clean their room or do a chore
    • Encouraging them and telling them all of the things you love about them
    • Making them a card to tell them what is special about them
    • Playing a game with them
    • Letting them pick what game to play
    • Letting them get their food first
    • Packing their lunch or water bottle for them if they need one for the day
    • Listening to their favorite music with them and having a dance party 
    • Making a commitment to use kind words with them and build them up and not take opportunities to say unkind things to them.  
    • Making them their favorite snack
    • If you don't know their favorite snack or music, taking time to learn about them and get to know them better


    Do you have any other ideas?  We would love to hear them!  Send them to us at: TheTopSecretTruth@gmail.com.  Tell us your idea, agent name, age, and where you're from (optional) for the opportunity to have your idea featured on our TST Agency YouTube Channel.