A Message to Senior Recruits ONLY (aka Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and other Adults)

Have you ever struggled over the issue of Santa Claus with your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or whoever that special child in your life is?  As head of the TST Agency and mother of four, I'll be the first to say the thing that none of us want to admit about the jolly man in red: Santa can be a sticky situation for just about all adults at some point.  If you're like me, you may have asked yourself any of the following questions:

  • How much credit does he get at Christmas?  
  • Do we talk about him?  
  • How long do we go to extreme measures to "keep the magic alive"?  
  • Why do I feel a little ripped off when I do all of the work, wrapping, decorating, and cookie eating on Christmas Eve just for someone else to get all of the credit?  
  • Does talking about Santa take away from the real meaning of Christmas?
  • How do I breach the subject with my kids when they start asking questions, "catching on", or worse- when another kid spills the beans and you don't get to have any part of it?!  
These are all problems we have discussed at the TST Agency and we are prepared to help you with them all!   


After years of research here at the TST Agency, we have found that all parental figures fall on a Santa Claus spectrum somewhere between "We don't do Santa Claus at our house because it takes away from the real meaning of Christmas" and "I dove head first into the deep end of the Santa Claus issue."  Yes, we realize that this is quite a large spectrum, and yet, we believe we have found the solution for all adults who find themselves somewhere on it.  The Top Secret Truth About Santa Claus is a tool for adults to use whenever the time comes to tell their child/children the truth about Santa Claus.  


For the adults who fall on the "We don't do Santa Claus at our house because it takes away from the real meaning of Christmas" end of the spectrum, this is a great tool to use right off the bat!  It will teach your kids (and maybe even you) the truth about the real Santa Claus, the phenomenon that brought him into a legendary existence today, and the importance of what that means for your family today.  It can easily be read to a child in the early elementary school years (or younger with some explanation).  


Now, for the parents who fall on the "I dove head first into the deep end of the Santa Claus issue" and now the time has come when your child is starting to ask questions that make your knees rattle and your brow sweat.  Do NOT panic!  We have the solution for you.  I know what you're thinking: they are going to be sad, angry even.  Trust me, we know, we've seen it all in our years of research.  Our goal in writing this book was not just to reveal the truth and teach your kids and you a little something that you probably didn't know, but also to make this an incredible experience for you to share with your child as they head into the next chapter of their childhood.  The Top Secret Truth About Santa Claus will guide you and your child into that next step with ease, grace, and inspiration.  


If Twas the Nigh Before Christmas is what got your family feeling Christmasy in the early years of your kids' life, our hope is for The Top Secret Truth About Santa Claus becomes the other bookend of your Christmas season.  It is appropriate for young children and adults alike, is set to a playful rhyme scheme, and is an easy read (about 7 minutes).