Blog Post #2: TST Agents and The Circles of Influence

Hello TST Agents!  I'm glad you're here!  Today we are talking about YOUR "Circles of Influence."  If you read The Top Secret Truth About Santa Claus, you know that the next step in your journey as a TST Agent is to begin completing missions of your own, just like Nicholas did.  He was a kid, just like you Junior Agents, and over time he completed missions and kept them going into his adulthood- just like you Senior Agents.  He didn't start out as the legendary "Santa Claus" like we know him as today.  He started small with what he knew and who he knew.  So that's what we are going to do.  In order to get to a place of impacting larger circles of influence, you must first start with yourself and then slowly move out to the next Circle of Influence when you are ready.  Some agents like to take lots of time on each layer, completing several missions in each category one before moving on.  Other agents like to tick through each mission layer all the way through to the end and then come back and start fresh from the beginning each year.  The choice is up to you.  But all agents must start from the beginning...the place where you are most familiar.    

As you can see by looking at The Circles of Influence graphic, TST Missions start with you.  Whether you are a child or an adult, there are things we can do in our own lives that will help the people around us.  As part of your first mission you should complete a self-check.  

Self-Check Steps:

1.  How's my attitude?  Am I trying to have the best attitude that I can?  Could it use work?  Checking our attitudes and making sure that they are good can make a huge difference in your outlook, even if your circumstances haven't changed.   

2.  Personal responsibility- am I doing my best to take responsibility for myself.  TST Agents must be responsible, it's not a job for just anyone.  In order to complete missions you'll have to come up with a system that works for you, get planning, and check off your goals.  In order to do this you must be ready to take personal responsibility in all of the areas that you can.  

3.  Am I thinking of others?  Do I notice what is going on with the people around me or am I usually only thinking of myself?  If you are usually thinking of yourself, why don't you take the next day or two to really watch what the people around you are up to and see where you might be able to lend a hand or lighten their load.  

4.  Am I ready to serve?  Being a TST Agent in an AMAZING life!  You won't just get to witness miracles, you'll get to be part of them.  It's time to get yourself ready, get your workshop in order, and gather your "own team of elves" because you are heading into an amazing adventure.  


As with all missions, have your mission signed off by your Senior Agent before completing it.  Welcome aboard Agents!  

(If you'd like to print out Mission Assignment Printables to keep you on track with your goals or Mission Completion Certificates to recognize an agent for their hard work, you can find all that and more on our products page.)