The Top Secret Truth About Santa Claus Classified Message #1

Welcome to the Top Secret Truth Agency.  Here at TST we are always at work with Senior Recruits to bring in new classes of TST Junior Recruits.  But before I get ahead of myself by explaining what all of this means, you need to know that some of the information you are about to read is CLASSIFIED... that means you CANNOT share it with anyone else except your Senior Agent.  Your Senior Agent is the parent or guardian who gave you The Top Secret Truth About Santa Claus.  Senior Agents usually fall in the category of a parental figure (aka- your mom or dad).  But they can also be a grandparent or other guardian to a Junior Recruit.  

What's a Junior Recruit you ask?  Well, if you're here reading this and you don't qualify as a Senior Agent according to the description you just read, then you've probably been initiated as a Junior Recruit.  In other words, an adult has unlocked the ultimate top secret truth by reading you The Top Secret Truth About Santa Claus and now YOU have been recruited by the TST Agency as a Junior Recruit.  Welcome aboard!  Check back here for TST Agency intel (that's short for intelligence which is a fancy way of saying information we will pass along to you as we get it).  If you stumbled upon this TST Agency message and haven't read The Top Secret Truth About Santa Claus yet, then click here and ask an adult about gaining access to the book.  Senior Agents, you can find printable calendars and other resources to help your Junior Agent organize their missions here.